I am poem

I am a soccer lover
I wonder if i will ever be famous
I hear the crowds chanting my name
I see thousands of young fans be inspired by me
I want to be famous
I am a soccer lover

I pretend I am playing against Mia Hamm
I feel my toes tingle
I touch the ball
I worry I will fail
I cry because i might lose
I am a soccer lover

I understand if people don’t like what I do
I say there is no winning without hard work
I dream I will play for Australia
I try my hardest all the time to achive my dreams
I hope I will make my dreams come true
I am a soccer lover

My Soccer Dream

I was in the hotel one morning with all my team mates. I was woken up by all my excitement because, I was playing in the Women’s World Cup 2016 Finales. A few minuets later I poured some milk in to my bowl and I was walking back to put the milk away. In the corner of my eye I saw a green glowing pill in the cupboard. I quickly grabbed it and shoved it down my pocket. A few hours later the whistle blew to start the Women’s World Cup. The Matilders and the Brazilians. A few minuets later the crowd goes wild, throwing food everywhere, jumping around cause, I just kicked a goal.

My team mates come rushing over and start jumping all over me, then I moved over to the crowd, grab a pen and signed some fangs tops then go back to my team mates. The half time whistle goes the score is 1-0 against Brazil. I grab a drink, put on my trackies to keep me warm then I grab the green glowing pill and I start wondering what the pill does. All these crazy thoughts popped into my mind. Then one thought really grabbed my attention what if it makes you even better at something you are all ready really good at? “You coming Ella”my coached yelled at me. I shoved back into my pocket, took off my trackies then run onto the field. “Here comes the star of the Game KIRBY” the commentators yelled over the P.M. The crowd goes wild then the whistle goes to start the Women’s World Cup Finales they have kick off “All the way back to the goalie Beekes, Hobson, Henders, Lowence, Mcload” the commentators quickly yelled over the P.M.

I run up to them and grab the ball off them then the next minuet I’m dogging the defenders I take a shot, the goalie Patty saves it. “Whistle” it’s our corner, Asia takes the corner kick, she passes it to me Olivia comes rushing in front of me and takes it off me. She runs all the way down to our goalie takes a shot and scores. “Nooooooooooooooooooo” I scream so angrily. 20 minuets later the whistle goes we have to go in to extra time. The coach tells us our new strategies and then we go back on to the pitch getting ready to play extra time. I got the ball, dogging players and passing to my team mates I get to the goalie box, I take a big kick but it hits the cross bars then hits the goalie in the face. The ref came over to me and put his hands into his pockets, I kept hopping it wasn’t going to be a red card he pulls out a ……………………… Yellow card.

I felt a huge relief come through my body with a hint of anger. I thought to myself I must be careful with my game cause if I get another yellow card I might get a red card. 30 minuets later the ref blew the whistle, the score was still the same that meant we had to go to penalty kicks. The coach lets us know who’s going to be taking the penalty kicks he said this nervously ” Kirby you can take the 1st and last one, Harmony you take the 2nd one, Emily you can take the 3rd, then Lilly you take the 4th and Ella you take the last one” ” Go have a rest and a drink” said the coach. I went and sat down with Emily and Lilly, I told all about the green glowing pill and this was all I got for a response ” I know what it does I won’t tell you through trust me, just take the pill and go and win us that game” Lilly quietly whispered to me. I took a moment to stare at the pill then I swallowed it down my throat with some water.

I run onto the pitch with all my team mates, coach’s and some other players. The ref calls the captain I walk towards the ref and he flips a coin to see who kicks off. I call heads…………..it lands on head the ref says to me” Do you want to go first or second?” ” Second please” I respond quickly. Our goalie goes into the goals the ref calls down the first kicker and blows the whistle……… the kicker shots but the goalie saves it and the crowd goes wild. I slowly came forward the crowd goes from loud as a bunch of elephants running around to the silence of death. I put the ball on the dot, I take a couple steps back I start jogging towards the ball, as I’m approaching the ball I am visualising a line from the ball to the top left corner. I bring my right foot back to my back then I use all my strength and bent the ball into the back of the net…………. A few seconds later the crowd goes from the silence to the noisy elephants. I a, so released that I got it in. A few shot’s later the scores are even 4-4 the Brazilian just had there last shot and missed. “This is it Ella after all that training when I was younger has led to all of this” I said in my brain. The crowd go silent I walk up to the ball I blow a kiss to all my fans. The ref blows the whistle I start jogging towards the ball. I aim and shot to the top right corner this time……………………. “Holy crap I just kicked the winning goal” I said in my mind. Everyone was so happy except for the Brazilian players and fans. A few hours later we had the trophy ceremony, “The golden boot goes to Ella from Australia” I walk up there with a few tears in my eyes, when I got the trophy it was so so so heavy I nearly dropped it. Patty got the goalie of the year, Emily got friendliest player of the year and Lily got the Bronze boot. The End hopped you enjoyed, please comment 🙂

Morris Gleitzman

Today we had to do a Biopoem about Morris Gleitzman, here is mine.

Funny, book worm, creative, kind
Wife of Marry-Anne Fahey
Books, corned beef, scoring goals
Love of his children, love of his parents, Love of his fans
He gives children books to read, he gives love to everyone, he gives hope to young writers
He fears he will lose family, he fears he will lose his money, he fears that people will forget him
He was born in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, now lives in Australia

What seson is it?

Here I am, lying on the soft, lush green grass staring at the light, white clouds that look like soft wooly sheep. The soft wind brushes against the tall, colourful trees, letting the deep yellow and lime green leaves naturally come off and calmly float to the ground – silently. It is so silent, all I can hear is the little bug’s crawling out of their small homes and the baby birds calling for their mother. I wish it was like this every single day, just me, the bugs, the birds chirping and the light, white, pillow type clouds in the sky. All of a sudden, a light yellow leaf fell onto my mouth. I breath in and blow out, the leaf flies straight up into the sky than floats down freely.  

About Me

HI my name is Ella and I am 12 years old. I go to Kennington Primary School and I am in year 6. My teacher is Miss Jackson. She is # AWESOME!. I love soccer  , soccer is my life. I have gotten into a lot of state and regional  teams . I also like to create things, draw and hang out with my friends. I love listening to music and play the drums. I traveled around Europe when I was younger. My favourite bit about Europe was when I climbed the Eiffel Towerin Paris and went to London to see the the Queens. When I grow up I want to play professional soccer . I want to play on the Matilders (Women’sAustralian Soccer Team) and the Women’s Melbourne Victory team. I love playing on the Xbox, my iPod and my tablet. My favourite game on my Xbox is FIFA 15 The Ultimate Game , on my iPod and my tablet it is Crossy Roads. My high score is 224. Do you have any similar interests? Don’t forget to comment  below, check out some of my  friends blogs. I will update  my blog regularly or whenever we do something interesting in class. See you all soon! 🙂 :p