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HI my name is Ella and I am 12 years old. I go to Kennington Primary School and I am in year 6. My teacher is Miss Jackson. She is # AWESOME!. I love soccer  , soccer is my life. I have gotten into a lot of state and regional  teams . I also like to create things, draw and hang out with my friends. I love listening to music and play the drums. I traveled around Europe when I was younger. My favourite bit about Europe was when I climbed the Eiffel Towerin Paris and went to London to see the the Queens. When I grow up I want to play professional soccer . I want to play on the Matilders (Women’sAustralian Soccer Team) and the Women’s Melbourne Victory team. I love playing on the Xbox, my iPod and my tablet. My favourite game on my Xbox is FIFA 15 The Ultimate Game , on my iPod and my tablet it is Crossy Roads. My high score is 224. Do you have any similar interests? Don’t forget to comment  below, check out some of my  friends blogs. I will update  my blog regularly or whenever we do something interesting in class. See you all soon! 🙂 :p

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