What seson is it?

Here I am, lying on the soft, lush green grass staring at the light, white clouds that look like soft wooly sheep. The soft wind brushes against the tall, colourful trees, letting the deep yellow and lime green leaves naturally come off and calmly float to the ground – silently. It is so silent, all I can hear is the little bug’s crawling out of their small homes and the baby birds calling for their mother. I wish it was like this every single day, just me, the bugs, the birds chirping and the light, white, pillow type clouds in the sky. All of a sudden, a light yellow leaf fell onto my mouth. I breath in and blow out, the leaf flies straight up into the sky than floats down freely.  

3 thoughts on “What seson is it?

  1. Hi Ella,
    I think this is just the beginning of Spring, just come out of Autumn or the other way round, going into Autumn.
    I really like your blog, the background is colourful and creative. I enjoyed reading the paragraph above, it was descriptive and well written, you could really picture being there.
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